La Mer Dry Cleaners

Palm Beach County's Best

We have over 30 years of experience professionally cleaning many types of items including haute couture high-end garments and luxury household textiles such as drapes, as well as your everyday clothing.

Once your garments are in our care, you can trust that they will be carefully handled and inspected from start to finish. Your garments are returned to you packaged, clean, fresh, and ready to wear.

Not only do our retail clients know us to treat their garments with special care and attention to detail but we provide cleaning services directly to many of the luxury brand and haute couture boutiques in major shopping areas such as Worth Avenue in Palm Beach where we clean not only boutique employee uniforms but also freshen up new merchandise that may be stained when customers try them on. The boutiques trust us, so should you!

Platinum Care Program

For our customer's most valued possessions, we offer a high quality cleaning, finishing and packaging program.

  1. Each garment is washed in an individual mesh wash bag alone in the dry cleaning machine (i.e., no intermingling with other clothes during the cleaning process).
  2. Each garment is hand-pressed with the highest form of detailing.
  3. Your garments are packaged with extra stuffing, including heavier tissue paper and foam cushioning (where applicable) to provide the garment more form while it's on the hangar.
  4. Garments are finished in breathable zipper bags and with upgraded hangars to protect against the elements during storage and before use.