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Over 30 years of experience cleaning haute couture and designer labels.

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Step 1:

If you haven't already, download our app! If you are a new member, go ahead and start getting familiar with everything and check out our "How it Works" tab. Once you have gotten to know us a little more and what we are offering through our app, go ahead and place your first orderso we can take care of your cleaning.

Step 2: 

Once we have recieved your order, we will send you a confirmation with a pick-up date and time. If there are any order specifics, please list those in the "Order Instructions" area so we know how to specifically care for your garment.

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Step 3:

If you have multiple orders you can track those and their history within your customer profile. This will aslo keep you updated on where everything is at and how close we are to completing your garments cleaning.

Step 4:

Once you order has been completed, you will get a notification to either pick up your item or for us to drop off your items to you.

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