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You’ve spent a lot of money on your clothes each year, and this is quite reasonable since season-appropriate clothing pieces are essential. But what’s unnecessary is when you simply throw away these clothes just because of wear and tear or fitting issues.

Get that perfectly-fit clothing and confidently walk around wearing them with professional clothing alteration services from LaMer. Whether you need alterations on your favorite dress, pants, your jacket sleeves, or even your wedding dress, our alterations experts can make precise modifications while keeping their essence and appearance intact.

We serve the Greater Palm Beach Area, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and the surrounding areas. Call us anytime for all your alteration and repair needs!

Types of Items We Alter and Repair


Our alteration specialists are adept at making changes to already stitched cloth pieces such as shirt, suit, pants, skirts, dresses, and all other types of garments. Whether you prefer loose fittings or body-hugging designs, LaMer can help you achieve all of your desired looks. 

Table Linens

Got table linens you want to get altered for use on dining tables, side tables, coffee tables, center tables, cabinets, and even bar carts? Send them all to LaMer, and we’ll have our alterations experts turn them into a stunning addition to your interior design.


If your curtains have been damaged or the length is too short or too long, you will surely love to know that we at LaMer can work on those requests. Among the alterations we do include shortening ready-made curtains, modifying or removing the lining, and combining or splitting two or more curtains. 

Area Rugs

When an area rug is too small for the room, it looks uninviting. But when it’s too large, it makes the room feel much smaller than it is.  If you want to achieve the right size and elevate your rug’s design, trust LaMer to do it right for you!

Comforters & Duvets

There is nothing worse than bringing home a new comforter only to find that it’s too small to cover the sides of the bed, or so big that it drags on the ground. Achieve that perfect fit with our alteration services here at LaMer!

Wedding Gowns

Our alterations will ensure that wedding dresses fit perfectly for each lovely bride, meets all of her specifications, and most importantly, makes her feel like her most beautiful self. 


If you’re thinking of buying a new pair of shoes because the old one you’ve been wearing doesn’t fit right, take your shoes into our local store in Palm Beach and we’ll quickly get them repaired and altered. 

Make Any Garment Uniquely Yours With LaMer’s Expert Alterations and Repair Services!

Great service awaits you here at LaMer Dry Cleaners! We’re here to make your plain boring clothes more stylish and comfortable for you to wear. Talk to our highly-skilled alteration specialists in Palm Beach today! You may also visit our website for more information on our other services.


"Just a terrific dry cleaner with amazing service! The delivery person Philip is top knot & professional. I also love the tech side of the communication with the office, I can upload photos if I have a special item that needs attention. My clothing is well cared for and delivered back perfectly."
Laurie Conroy


I've found them 1.5 years ago. They are really nice- and easy to work with. Great drop off pick up service. I've taken some VERY tough shirt and pants stains that multiple stain removers at home could not touch. .They said - no guarantees. 4 times, with incredible bad stains they came back perfect. Thanks!

Michael Cohen


Our family has used La Mer since 1993 with weekly dry cleaning years ago when business suits were worn daily, alterations from time to time, and most recently emergency laundry service when our washer/dryer went on the blink. As always...excellent service with a smile. Thank you friends at La Mer!!

Debbie Sturgis

Some of our most popular alterations services:

Zipper Replacement

If your zipper stops working, our team can replace them and get them working better than new.

Lengthen/Shorten Hems

If your pants don’t fit just right, our expert alterations team can make them a little bit shorter or longer at the hem.

Hem Dresses & Skirts

Just like your pants, we can adjust the length of your gowns, dresses, and skirts.

Taking Sides In or Out

We can adjust the width of your dresses and skirts by taking in or out the sides of your garment.


We can repair jacket linings if they become ripped, worn, or torn.


Our expert alterations specialists can shorten or lengthen the cuffs of your shirts and coats to make sure you have that perfect fit.

Re-sew Button/Clasp

You don’t have to throw those clothes away when the buttons or clasps break.  Bring us your broken buttons and clasps for us to repair or replace.

Waist Splitting

Let us split the waste of your pants to allow them extra movement and extra space without pressure on your waist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alterations

How long does the alterations process take?

Our alterations process can take from 1-2 weeks, depending on the complication of the project.

How much does the alterations process cost?

prices vary by project.  Call us or message us and explain the project to get your best estimate

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