Expert Stain Removal

Let La Mer Eliminate Tough Stains

La Mer Dry Cleaners has a team full of dedicated and experienced sewists and cleaners who have dealt with the toughest stains that our clients throw at us. Our rigorous process lets us remove some of the toughest marks on a wide selection of fabrics. We don’t just do clothes either. If you can get the fabric from your furniture or car into our shop, we can clean it for you. 

Trustworthy Stain Removal

Our experts assess what may have caused the stain if you don’t know while paying extra attention to its material to choose the safest and most effective way to treat the stain. It is difficult to avoid stains throughout your life. Mistakes happen and everybody needs a go-to source for quality stain removal. Whether it be a sauce stain on your favorite t-shirt or a wine spill on an expensive dress, the outcome is the same; restoring your garment to its original beauty. 

La Mer Dry Cleaners also offers dry and wet cleaning that could also benefit your garment. Dr and wet cleaning is our expertise and would be a convenient option if you are using our stain removal services. Check out those services here.

Delivery/Pick Up

We live in a difficult time these days. La Mer wants to make your dry cleaning experience not only easy but also convenient and safe. That is why La Mer offers our delivery and pick up services. We are located in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Juno Beach, and West Palm Beach, FL. As long as you live in one of these beautiful Florida cities, we can provide this fantastic service to you. If you’re interested, visit our Delivery and Pickup page to learn more, and if you have any questions, or want to schedule a cleaning or pick up, make sure to contact us today!

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