Vintage Restoration

Antique Garment Cleaning and Restoration

Cleaning and restoring vintage garments and other antique fabrics is an extremely delicate process and should only be left to professionals. La Mer has a team full of experienced, dedicated experts who will treat your vintage fabric with the utmost respect.

Reliable Seamstresses

La Mer Dry Cleaning is no stranger to high end garments. We are experts in cleaning, restoring, and altering not only design products but vintage products as well. Our talented seamstresses have cleaned and restored ancient tallits, 100-year-old wedding gowns, and numerous vintage Haute Couture garments.

Keep it Clean, Keep the Aesthetic

Owning a piece of vintage clothing can hold a lot of value and memories behind it. We understand and respect that. That’s why when a valuable antique garment or any other piece of fabric that comes through our shop, we treat it as such. Cleaning and restoring an old garment can keep that piece alive for years to come.


Another aspect of vintage clothing is the aesthetic that it has. If you have an old dress that a family member wore in those classic American diners in the ’50s, La Mer takes pride in not only restoring the dress but also leaving that vintage touch to it. We also clean and restore vintage wedding dresses, shoes, hats, table linens, and more!

Delivery/Pick Up

La Mer Dry Cleaning offers pickups and deliveries for all of your vintage garments. La Mer is located in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Juno Beach, and West Palm Beach, FL. So, as long as you’re in or around one of these beautiful cities, we are able to offer this convenient service to you. Visit our Delivery and Pickup page to learn more! Additionally, if you have any questions, concerns, or want to schedule a cleaning or pick up, make sure to contact us today!

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